ABC Book of Physics

Here is the latest little project we are doing in class. THe students have to create an ABC book of Physics (really a Keynote). In the book they have to represent every letter of the alphabet by finding either a vocabulary word, concept, law, or scientist. The words have to be described in Paragraph form using complete sentences and they have to illustrate with either a photo, drawing, or video describing the entry for more visual learners. They also have to do a voiceover so the more auditory learners can better learn.

I have attached the file I used to start the project and the Group contract I am using for this project below. The group contract seems to really help. I had them fill it out, record the relevant contact information for their groups and I keep the contracts. This is also the way I can see exactly who is in which group. The contract has already had some positive consequences, I have had a couple of students who came to me and asked to leave their group and form a new one because the original members were not working as hard as they thought they should. I allowed it but made them tell the other group members why they were doing it. I seems to have worked in motivating several students who are somewhat unmotivated.

Download file "ABC book of Physics.pages"

Download file "abc book of physics contract.pages"


Feb 27, 2010

This is such a good idea! You could take all of the best ideas and publish your own ABC of Physics high school book. :)